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Higher level of righteousness
September 5, 2011
In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus I believe calls us to a higher level of righteousness when he uses the phrase "you have heard it said..." multiple times which is then followed by a traditional rendering of the "law" of the Old Testament.  Jesus then follow this rendition with an even deeper call which for most of us today is impossible.  I believe though the introduction to the Sermon on the Mount and Jesus charge to us comes in Matthew 4.17 when He calls us to repent.  The dereviation of the Greek word here is different than other uses and means to "think differently".  I would argue that all of us as we dilligently read our Bible, read with a pre-determined understanding of what the overall meaning of God's word is, much as the Jews of Jesus' time.  I sense that God wants all his people to think differently about Him and others as we go about our daily activities and nowhere is it more difficult than in His command to love our enemies.  Jesus ends that section in 5.48 with the call to "be perfect" as God is perfect.  Here the Greek implies "complete".  I think what Jesus is telling us is that we are not complete unless we love our enemies.  How many of us approach each day with that thought?  I know I don't!  [READ MORE]
God's perfect love!
June 16, 2011
Henry Blackaby puts forward the reality that none of has a perfect father.  Do we really understand the implications of that reality. [READ MORE]
What do the signs point to?
May 30, 2011
The people in the Gospel of Matthew were constantly looking for signs that Jesus was the son of God.  My fear at times is that we so focus on Jesus that we forget He was pointing at God. [READ MORE]